“It all started with one fish.”

-David Lee

A retailer and family run restaurant serving fresh seafood cuisine, we stay true to our humble beginnings of offering value to the table and strive to be the go-to destination for your seafood fix.


We love seafood.

The concept of our establishment is to bring quality seafood to the table, from your favourites to those rare varieties that you don’t see everyday. Seafood is best enjoyed fresh and that’s the only way we’ll serve it.


We’re a fish market.

We keep our seafood beds chock full of the freshest catch so that you’ll never run out of options. These products are available for purchase at our wholesale fish market or as dine-in orders in the restaurant.


We’re a family.

We’re passionate about fishing, soaking up some good old sea breeze and also, travelling to source for even more seafood. As the saying goes, ‘we are all on a seafood diet, we see food and we eat it!’