For alternate booking times, please call our respective outlets at the following numbers-
Bukit Timah: 6467 4950
Quayside Isle: 6262 0450
Asian Cuisine: 6977 9577

(PS: Our Quayside Isle and Asian Cuisine outlets are located right next to each other in Sentosa!)


[17th Anniversary Gala Dinner: 21 | 28 Oct]
 Feast on a 6 course dinner on 21st Oct at our Bukit Timah outlet or alternatively, an 8 course dinner on 28th Oct at our Quayside Isle and Asian Cuisine outlet. Join us for 138++/pax and an additional 60++/pax for our alcohol package. Click here for more info. 

Check out the splashing promotions in our Bukit TimahQuayside Isle and Asian Cuisine outlets! Our famous Lobster Mondays and Oyster Tuesdays are perfect for any seafood-lover (Oyster Tuesdays will be postponed during our 8th World Oyster Festival). 

Our breezy bunches have been put to a temporary stop until further notice. Thank you!

Please note that we will only hold seats for 15 minutes and the management reserves the right to release late reservations to walk-in guests. Thank you and we wish you a fintastic meal. Bon appétit!

Fresh Updates: 17th Anniversary Gala Dinner