[Valentine’s Day Promotion]
From 10th to 16th February 2020, enjoy a bottle of Prosecco and a dozen oysters for $98.95++ at either of our outlets. Swim by here for more information.

[February Wine Dinner]
Join us on 27th February 2020 for a dinner of 5 courses paired to 5 exquisite wines at our Quayside Isle outlet. Swim by here for the menu.

[Weekend Breakfast]
Enjoy your breakfast overlooking beautiful yachts & sipping bubblies at our Quayside Isle outlet- From healthy nibbles to comforting sandwiches, there’s something for everyone to fish up. View our full menu here!

Please note that we will only hold seats for 15 minutes and the management reserves the right to release late reservations to walk-in guests. Thank you and we wish you a fintastic meal. Bon appétit!