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A Guide to the Different Types of Oysters Around the World

Ah, oysters. Just the thought of slurping them down has us feeling b-oyster-ous.

Oysters are a popular seafood delicacy loved by many people across the globe. If you want to buy fresh oysters, there are many options available in Singapore. However, it pays to first understand what kind of oysters you are buying, especially if you’re ordering them online.  

Did you know that there are over 200 species of oysters worldwide? At first glance, many of them may look similar, but they can vary widely in size, texture, and of course, taste. The sea conditions including salinity, mineral components, micro-organisms, and the general environment have a major influence on the texture and flavour of the oyster. 

So, why not join us on a journey to discover the wonderful world of oysters? The world is your oyster, after all.

United States 

The U.S. is home to a fascinating variety of oysters with a diversity that rivals even the top oyster countries. Millions upon millions of oysters are harvested along the coasts of Washington, Massachusetts, California, and more every year. Here are a few varieties to look out for. 

  • Kumamoto: Originally harvested in the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, these are now primarily cultivated in the United States. It has a mildly briny flavour and sweet, almost honeydew-like finish — an excellent option for beginner oyster consumers and connoisseurs alike. 
  • Fat Bastard:  No, not you, the oyster! Don’t let its name put you off — this is a briny masterpiece with firm flesh, a clean taste, and an easy-to-open shell. 


Next, we move up north. The cold, crisp waters of the Candian coastline produces some of the best oysters in the world, such as Barron Point, Chef Creek, Golden Mantle, Mary Point, Malpeque and more. Let’s take a closer look at two of them.

  • Barron Point: These large oysters (“hand-sized”, as we like to call them) are from the nutrient-rich waters of Little Skookum. Their plump, tender meat boasts a sweet and mildly salty flavour with a musky finish. 
  • Chef Creek: You can’t go wrong with these classic British Columbia oysters from Baynes Sound. It brings your taste buds on a journey, starting with the light aroma of the sea, followed by a tart metallic tang and finally a sweet aftertaste. 


Across the Atlantic Ocean we go, to what’s often hailed as home to the finest oysters in the world. Or so the French say! Oysters have been a part of French cuisine for centuries, so it’s no surprise that they know their oysters. 

  • Fine de Claire: Sourced from Marennes-Oleron, these white-flesh oysters have a distinct briny taste, almost like soy sauce, with a unique hazelnut finish. 
  • Gillardeau: Spicy, sweet, and salty; Meaty tender, and crunchy all in one bite As the gem of the oyster world, make sure to look for the laser-engraved logo of Maison Gillardeau on each shell as a sign of authenticity!


Circling a little closer to home, we’ve arrived in Australia and New Zealand. Not to be underestimated, these countries are known as highly sustainable sources of oysters. These are some of our absolute favourites. 

  • Coffin Bay: A favourite among oyster lovers, this meaty morsel is harvested in Australia’s premier oyster growing destination. Expect a clean and crisp flavour with a pleasantly sweet finish.
  • Kaipara: Recognisable from their deep-cupped shells, these are sourced from the Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand. Its soft, tender meat offers an exceptional brininess that is reminiscent of fresh cucumber or watermelon rind.

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