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How to Make a Fancy Sashimi Platter at Home

Ah, sashimi!

Literally translated to “pierced fish” in Japanese, sashimi was considered an expensive, exotic Japanese delicacy served only at the best hotels and restaurants in major cities around the world. A beautiful, colourful platter of thinly sliced raw fish and seafood, sashimi is considered an art in Japan, with only the top chefs that train for years allowed to prepare it.

Since the 1990s, the Japanese food culture in Singapore experienced a remarkable boom. We love our Japanese food, which is evident from over a hundred Japanese restaurants scattered all over the nation.

While bonding with friends and family over a sashimi platter in a restaurant is an excellent activity, making your own sashimi platter at home in Singapore or ordering fresh sashimi delivery could be more fun than you think! You have the freedom to pick and choose the ingredients which best cater to your tastes and that of your guests. Here’s our handy guide on enjoying a DIY sashimi platter in the comfort of home!

Step 1: Choose Your Sashimi Fish

When most people think of sashimi, salmon is probably the first thing that comes to mind. This classic sashimi fish may be one of the most renowned, but as the saying goes, there are plenty more fish in the sea! You have a wealth of seafood options that are well-suited to fillet into thin slices and dunk into soy sauce and wasabi. Some other popular seafood choices for a sashimi platter include:

  • Tuna (maguro)
  • Mackerel (shime saba)
  • Herring (nishin)
  • Snapper (tai)
  • Halibut (engawa)
  • Yellowtail (kanpachi)
  • Swordfish (mekajiki)
  • Octopus (tako)
  • Shrimp (ebi)
  • Squid (ika)
  • Scallops (hotate)

It is crucial to pick only the freshest fish based on colour, texture, and smell when making sashimi. You will be eating it raw, after all!

Tips on Selecting Sashimi-Grade Fish in Singapore

  1. The flesh should be firm, never mushy or slimy, with no visible droplets. Poke the fish gently with your finger, and it should bounce back immediately and not remain depressed.
  2. The skin should be shiny and not dull. Any scales present should be tight against the body without flaking.
  3. If you are buying sashimi in Singapore at the supermarket, opt for fresh and not frozen. If frozen, check the date on the package for when it was harvested.
  4. If ordering fresh sashimi online, be wary and only buy from reputable sellers with good reviews.
  5. If buying fillets, check the colour and make sure there is no discolouration and that the fillet looks fresh and healthy.
  6. Smell the fish. Fish should smell fishy (duh!) but not overpowering. An overpowering smell might mean the fish is no longer fresh.

Step 2: Prepare Your Sashimi

The vital instrument you’ll need is a razor-blade sharp cutting knife at least 7 inches long. Try to cut the pieces in one smooth motion and avoid any “sawing” motions.

The fillet should be sliced perpendicular to the direction of the spine — meaning, cut the flesh across the grain. If you cut the flesh in the same direction as the grain, the sashimi could be stringy.

After you have your fillets, preserve their freshness by placing them on a layer of ice and storing them in the fridge if not going to be immediately consumed.

Switch things up a little and flame-sear the fillets (aburi), or add spicy mayo, mentaiko, or cheese!

Step 3: Serve & Enjoy!

Raid your kitchen cabinet and bust out the fanciest plates and chopsticks you have. You can even pick up some fresh shiso leaves as dividers and decorations!

Sashimi can be served on ice with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. Other easy add-ons are a few sheets of seaweed (nori), pickled wakame, and some Japanese white rice (uruchimai).

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