Buying Fresh Boston Lobsters in Singapore

Once considered the “poor man’s chicken”, lobster meat is now revered as a delicacy and perceived as a luxury food item. With its complex, rich flavour profile, it’s no wonder why this tasty crustacean went from a tin can to a silver platter. Whether steamed as it is or broiled in a heavenly garlic-herb-butter mix, a lobster dish will no doubt be a treat to the tastebuds.

Serving You Only The Best: Boston Lobsters

At Greenwood Fish Market, we pride ourselves on offering only premium seafood – including Boston Lobsters. Otherwise also known as Maine Lobsters, Boston Lobsters are commonly caught off the coast of Maine. In cold waters like that of the Northern Atlantic, lobsters tend to grow at a slower rate. The cool temperatures also keep the saltwater from permeating the meat. This environment gives rise to meat that’s firmer and more succulent. Its sweet flavour and tender texture have captured the heart of lobster connoisseurs and ours too, that’s for sure.

If you’re looking for something other than the Boston Lobster, we have stocks for Rock Lobsters too. Also known as Spiny Lobsters, these red crustaceans offer medium sweetness and a slightly brinier flavour. Despite not having any large claws, the chunk of meat in the tail makes up for it!

Getting Your Hands on A Fresh Premium Lobster

Do you wish to get your hands on some fresh lobsters?Dine in at any of our restaurants and select your preferred cooking style (our Chefs have come up with 5 tantalising choices: Steamed, Chargrilled, Kum Hiong, Black Pepper and Thermidor). Better yet, if you wish to whip up your own lobster dish, head over to our online catalogue to buy a crustacean or two. Do take note that it is subjected to availability, so place an order now! Wherever you are in Singapore, we’ll make sure your lobster reaches you.