For A Taste Of The Ocean, Eat Fresh Oysters in Singapore

Oysters: the seafood that lets you taste the ocean with just one mouthful. The joy of savouring fresh oysters is an acquired taste – the slippery, briny morsels swimming in their own liquid can be hard to swallow for some. But for oyster aficionados, nothing can come close to replicating its unique and highly sought-after textures and tastes – and we agree.

A Different Experience With Every Good Shuck

The key to finding delicious, oysters lie in their freshness. At Greenwood Fish Market, we source for at least six different varieties daily so that we always have options for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

We offer a wide selection of fresh oysters for a one-stop oyster crawl – from petite kumamotos to the crème de la crème of French oysters that is Gillardeaus. Each of our oysters carries a complex, elegant medley of flavours that is unique to its own, giving you a gastronomic experience with every slurp! Don’t be afraid to try different shucks side-by-side to appreciate their subtle differences.

We’re incredibly fond of these molluscs and we wish to spread the love for oysters. To this day, our $2 Oyster Tuesdays still rings true for dine-ins. If you’d rather buy them wholesale to enjoy at your leisure, perhaps you might prefer our islandwide delivery. Have a look at our online catalogue to browse through our range of oysters currently in stock. Our oysters come in ready-to-eat platters so feel free to slurp down an oyster once they arrive at your doorstep.

Have Fresh Oysters Delivered To Your Home

Can’t wait to get your hands on some fresh oysters? Place an order before 9pm to enjoy next-day islandwide delivery across Singapore.