Fresh Prawns in Singapore – Online Delivery

Of all the fruits of the sea enjoyed in cuisines around the world, the sweet, juicy flesh of the prawn stands out for its briny, succulent flavour. Tossed on the BBQ or added into salads for an extra kick of protein, saturated in spicy curries or boiled to perfection in a steaming pot of tom yum goong, the prawn reigns supreme as the versatile superstar or sidekick of any dish. Here at Greenwood Fish Market, we provide a selection of fresh and frozen prawns and shrimp for delivery to your doorstep.

Buy Tiger Prawns, Jumbo Prawns and More

If you’re looking for a fuss-free option, we offer ready-to-eat, boiled live prawn platters perfect for a midday snack. Delivered to us daily, these succulent prawns pair perfectly with our in-house sauces as dipping accompaniments.

Our imported catches include large and flavourful wild Australian king and tiger prawns full of meaty flavour with springy-sweet flesh. These popular options make great freezer staples and come frozen whole. If you’re looking for something even juicer, our jumbo prawns fit for sautéing or grilling might be right up your alley. We also offer Argentine red shrimps, frozen whole or deshelled for those seeking a more delicate texture with a flavour closer to lobster than shrimp. Naturally a vibrant red, these shrimp are best when steamed whole or butterflied to preserve their delicate texture. For those searching for some added crunch, our breaded ebi tempura will be good to go after a quick spin in the fryer.

Fresh Prawns for Next Day Delivery in Singapore

Promising a punch of flavour and endless gastronomic pleasure, be sure to place an order online for your favoured selections of fresh prawns and shrimp before 9pm for next-day delivery islandwide.