Where to Buy Big Fresh Prawns in Singapore?

Prawns are a versatile ingredient in many traditional and modern dishes. Across many cuisines, you’ll see this iconic seafood making a star appearance. If you’re thinking about where to buy fresh, big prawns – or even live ones – in Singapore, you’re at the right place. At Greenwood Fish Market, you’ll find a wide variety of prawns such as frozen whole Wild Australian King Prawns, fresh Tiger Prawns and even ready-to-eat Boiled Live Prawns.

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Types of Prawns in Singapore

Prawns are enjoyed around the world as one of the most popular forms of seafood. From steamed to barbecued, this crustacean is a prized delicacy across different cuisines. In Singapore, Tiger Prawns and White Leg Shrimps are prominent types of prawns often found in tze char dishes, prawn noodles, steamboats and more. Tiger Prawns are slightly bigger in size and are identifiable by the iconic “stripes” across its shell.

King Prawns, on the other hand, are usually found in more premium dishes due to their seasonal availability. While Tiger Prawns and White Leg Shrimps can be farmed in Singapore, King Prawns are usually imported from overseas such as Australia, where their waters are colder and primed for such species. They are more moist and deliver a rich burst of flavour with every bite.

At Greenwood Fish Market, we also offer ready-to-eat varieties, like the deshelled Boiled Live Tiger Prawns which are cooked to perfection. Pair it with a tub of cocktail sauce to make it your go-to event snack.

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