Taste The Ocean at Our ​Seafood Restaurants in Singapore

Are you a seafood connoisseur in search of mouth-watering cuisines topped with the freshest seafood you know and love? If so, swim along to Greenwood Fish Market and let us take you on a seafood escapade.

Our Seafood Speaks for Itself

More than just your friendly seafood market, Greenwood Fish Market is on a mission to curate a dining experience like no other. We strive to offer value to the table and to be Singapore’s go-to destination for a seafood fix.

Our family lives and breathes the sea, and we’d like to share our love with you. Dine and feast at our restaurants where we let the freshness of our seafood shine. From chargrilled lobsters, Applewood cold smoked salmon and freshly shucked oysters, we love to share the experience of breaking bread over foods from the sea.

Feast Your Eyes on Our Menu

Collectively, our restaurants in Singapore offer 3 different cuisines – Western, Asian and Japanese. Each menu highlights our extensive seasonal catches and also, daily specials to spice up your week. From Lobster Mondays to Oyster Tuesdays, reserve a spot and check out what’s fresh!

With 2 decades of experience in handling seafood, chef-owner Alan Lee knows what it takes to create seafood culinary masterpieces. If you have any preferences on how you like your fish to be done, Chef Alan and his expert team would be more than happy to whip up something spectacular for you.

Spend your wonderful afternoon savouring what the sea has to offer as you sip on crisp wine. You’re bound to swim back for more.