Enjoy Fresh Sashimi Delivery in Singapore

Nothing beats the satisfaction of enjoying a fresh piece of sashimi. At Greenwood Fish Market, our ready-to-eat sashimi include salmon, swordfish, tuna and kanpachi offerings. You don’t even have to journey to our restaurants to get your seafood fix. Our delicious delights are conveniently available for delivery throughout Singapore so you can kick back and savour our specialities in the comfort of your home.

Singapore’s Best Salmon Sashimi

The most iconic of all sashimi has got to be the vibrant, bright orange salmon sashimi that reigns as the crème de la crème of Japanese cuisine. These silky, rich pieces melt in your mouth like butter for a luxurious gastronomic experience. Besides its great taste and jewel-like appearance, fresh salmon sashimi come with a plethora of health benefits. Salmon sashimi is packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B and potassium — all essentials for your nutritional intake and overall health.

Fresh sashimi makes a refreshing appetizer before meals but can also stand alone as a lovely umami-flavoured side dish. Our bluefin tuna sashimi comes in three cuts so you can choose between the gloriously marbled tenderness of our otoro belly, the slightly less marbled chutoro or, the lean and trim akame sashimi with guaranteed freshness.

Get Your Sashimi Fix Delivered to Your Door

All our sashimi come sliced and ready to eat with traditional condiments. With worldwide shipments flying several times a week, we’re proud to carry a range of seafood with offerings not often encountered in Singapore. Simply order online and we’ll have your chosen catch delivered to your doorstep. Feel free to email us at info@greenwoodfishmarket.com should you have any questions about your seafood. Our fish-loving family is always here to help fellow seafood lovers get the best out of their bounty.