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Tips for Cooking Restaurant-Quality Seafood Dinners at Home

Seafood is more than just meat in Singapore; it is a way of life. We are, after all, an island filled with voracious foodies endlessly striving for the perfect meal. The invention of the chilli crab in the 1950s is a testament to our love for seafood.

Got a seafood craving in Singapore but don’t feel like dining out? Skip the trip to the seafood restaurant and make a restaurant-quality seafood dinner in the comfort of your home for your friends and family.

We are thrilled to share our love for the ocean and help make your seafood dinner go swimmingly well with these handy tips!

1. Source for Fresh, High-Quality Ingredients

To create restaurant quality, you have to think as restaurants do. The most so-fish-ticated seafood restaurants in Singapore know the value of quality and only use the freshest ingredients.

First, you’ll need to know where to buy fresh seafood in Singapore. Then, make a quick trip to the seafood market or supermarket to pick your ingredients. Check out this handy guide on how to choose fresh seafood based on smell, colour, and feel.

If you have better fish to fry than head to a seafood market, we can help take the guesswork out of seafood shopping. From the freshest fish to mouthwatering oyster varieties, browse our seafood collection at our online store and enjoy islandwide delivery straight to your door!

2. Know Your Cuts

Not all fish are created equal, and each species of fish has a distinct flavour and texture. Denser meat can be braised, broiled, or grilled, while the more delicate flesh can be pan-fried, poached or baked.

In addition, not all parts of a fish are the same. Different parts of the fish have varied textures and flavours. They need to be cooked differently to retain moisture and lock in flavours. Learn about the common cuts of fish here and how to prepare them for your fancy seafood dinner at home.

3. When in Doubt, Go For Classic Flavour Pairings

Although fresh seafood still tastes absolutely delish, seafood counts on some seasoning to bring out a burst of flavour.

New to the kitchen? It can be difficult to know how to season that prime fish loin you just bought. If in doubt, go for classic pairings like lemon and dill for fish, and garlic and butter for crustaceans. Boiled or steamed shellfish can be eaten with dipping sauces like chilli and soy sauce or your favourite sambal.

Experienced chefs can try experimenting with more complex recipes and herbs like basil, bay leaves, chives, lemongrass, and parsley.

4. Don’t Forget Sides!

What restaurant meal is complete without sides? An exceptional side dish will complement the flavours of the entrees and boost the nutritional value of the meal. Plus, it’s an easy way to impress dinner guests!

Seafood is lighter than other meats and goes well with sides that fill you up without being too heavy. Here are some ideas for easy side dishes:

  • A healthy salad
  • Roasted or steamed vegetables
  • Baked potatoes with sour cream or fries with tartar sauce
  • Whole grains like brown rice, brown pasta or quinoa

Don’t forget about beverages too! We all know that fish and white wine go hand in hand, but citrusy drinks like fruit cider and lime juice are great drinks to cleanse your palate and pair beautifully with your seafood dishes.

Dig Into a Seafood Feast at Greenwood Fish Market

Seafood markets in Singapore can be hard to navigate. Online shopping has become the go-to for many things, so why not for seafood too?

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